One Fit Life  What Are We?

We get one shot.. one chance at this incredible thing we call life.

Live to the Fullest.  Live to Your Best. Live Your One Fit Life.  

We are health and wellness. Health and wellness means giving your body what it needs: water, fruit/veggies/protein, rest, laughter and love.

We are family. Our family is our life. We want to be together and so much of this world’s demands pull families away from each other. We are health and wellness and time with our families.

We are fitness clothing. Fitness clothing for all the sizes and shapes of health and wellness.

We are fitness clothing for real bodies. We are fitness clothing for together families, living their version of this one fit life.

We are an environment. We are an environment that fosters health and wellness. One that fosters creativity and vibrancy. We value our time and our families and our passions. When you walk through the doors of headquarters we want you to see, feel, taste and smell what we embody.. life. We want you happy to be here.. excited to be here and passionate about being here.

We are community. We want everyone on this amazing journey with us. We want to spread health and wellness across the country through our knowledge, our example and our fitness apparel. We want our neighbors to become our family through community fitness events,

gyms and One Fit Life store fronts. We want our neighbors to come in to headquarters and to visit our blog to find inspiration, tips, recipes, articles, etc. that will help them along their health

and wellness journeys.

We are a legacy. The world has experienced many eras, such as the agricultural era, the industrial era and the informational era. We at One Fit Life want to start the health and

wellness era. Through everything we embody and everything we exemplify we want to lead this great world through a life of truly living.


Welcome on our journey. This is One Fit Life

Rachael Bridges, President - one fit life

- Health & Wellness Coach

- certified personal trainer (SCW)

- certified group exercise coach (SCW)

- certified yoga instructor (SCW)

- certified group strength coach (SCW)

- certified nutrition coach (SCW)