- 3 Day Per Week Fitness Crew 

- Featuring Various Fitness Styles

- Offering a Nutrition Guide

- A Terrific Fitness Team to Hold Participants Accountable


Join a Fitness Crew

    • Registering for the Crew through the site satisfies your first month membership to the fitness crew of your choice.
    • Upon your first session, please allow time before your first session to complete a waiver. 
    • Please allow time after your first session to fill out the credit card authorization form and membership form for your crew.
    • Fitness crews have no long term obligation, but you must provide OFL a 30 day cancellation lead time to end your crew membership.  Crews are limited to 5 people, and OFL reserves this cancellation policy to keep the group operating.  Example. If you cancel January 4 and you are due to be charged on January 27, you will be charged on January 27 and your crew membership will extend until February 27.  There needs to be a 30 day lead time on your monthly renewal for cancelation.



  • There are no returns for Crew Registration.  If you upgrade your service, we can prorate and apply the balance to your upgraded service.  

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