From Fluffy Fit to Lean and Ripped

So here I am, a passionate fitness professional, badass athlete… fluffy physique. I am fit. I can work out and hang with the best of them but they are not fluffy. They are lean, ripped and serious. Ok, don’t get me wrong.. I’m not saying I’m not serious. As I said, fitness is my passion. I have got working out down to an art form. I’m serious about my workouts. I’m serious about my family and my other jobs and loving the heck out of my husband. However, there is a major part of the fit puzzle missing… nutrition. I’ve got five children, which generally means mindless finishing off crust or an appeasing “hey mom, taste this!” when I know I should turn them down. It means coffee with too much creamer and probably more wine than I should. It means excuses. Why does it mean excuses? Well, because we rationalize. I don’t have time to make separate meals. I hardly slept last night and I can’t get through the day without my 250 calorie coffee. The thing is those excuses don’t work. They are just easy to give in to because they could be true, not necessarily because they are true. My kids LOVE fruits and veggies and all sorts of healthy foods. THEY should be eating those things 90% of the time too. Why should I be the only healthy one? So Rachael, make one HEALTHY meal. The kids were in bed at 8:00. I watched two Hallmark Christmas movies. I didn’t get hardly any sleep because I was on my hands and knees scrubbing floors with a toothbrush. Find balance. Most nights get to bed at a decent hour. Watch the movies on nights where you don’t have to have an early morning the next day. Measure out that creamer and learn to like your coffee with one serving instead of four or five and then your coffee is completely acceptable at 35 calories. I know what you moms are thinking because I have though it too, which is why I have never made the changes. Those movies at night are my down time! They are my ”me time”! The coffee is my sanctuary! The wine is my relaxation! I get it. I do. That is why I said balance and that is why I am going to find it! Here is what I suspect… Getting the right amount of sleep and right nutrition will very quickly reduce my stress because I will be properly equipped to handle it. If I am properly equipped to handle life I won’t need the down time or “me time” nearly as often because I will already be relaxed and happier! In that case wine and coffee will be then become the once-in-awhile TREATS they are meant to be, instead of the lifelines many of us make them out to be.

So here is what I am going to do… I am going to blog A LOT! This will help me stay accountable. Accountability is HUGE for me! It’s going to get down and dirty and HONEST because honesty is also key. You will hear of it all, struggles, triumphs, failures, wins, etc. I will post pictures, measurements and weights. I will tell you what I am eating and what my workouts are. Please, I invite you to follow me, to join me, or to just check in once in a while. Please ask questions, cheer me on, post motivational quotes, etc.

I want to be lean and ripped. I want six pack abs. I don’t want to be fluffy anymore. Please come along as I figure out and apply all the tools necessary to reach my goals!

From fluffy fit to lean and ripped!

Here goes nothing!

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